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Cactus Cards 5pk – Ouchy Ones


A set of 5 unique illustrations of cactus found in Central Phoenix. Includes common and latin names, some cactus info and where you can find them in Phoenix.

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Get to know the cactus you can find right here in Arizona! This set of 4″x6″ Cactus Cards includes five unique types of cactus found all over Phoenix, including the edible Opuntia ficus indica (Barbary Fig). Each illustration depicts an actual cactus found while artist Jen Urso traversed Central Phoenix to develop her Phoenix Cactus Map. Each cactus drawing includes common and Latin names, some cactus information, where you can find them in Phoenix and spaces to add your own favorite discoveries. This pack includes the Argentine Giant, Mexican Fencepost, Beavertail Prickly Pear, Jumping Cholla and Barbary Fig.

Keep your favorite cactus drawing and give the rest away or keep them all! Collect all 28 Cactus Cards of these plants found all over the Central Phoenix Corridor. While some homeowners and businesses still insist on growing grass, many people in Phoenix embrace the beauty and uniqueness of the Sonoran Desert. These cards celebrate the beauty found just around the corner, if you open your eyes to see it.

Great as a gift for a desert or cactus-lover, these cards are more than just a fun cactus drawing, they’re a snapshot in botanical time of our desert beauty! Share them with friends and enjoy going out on your own cactus explorations. Once you get to know them, you’ll find them everywhere.

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