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Cactus Holiday Gift Cards – Set of 4


Titled “Prickly Gifts” and “Cactus Lights,” this pack of 4 cactus holiday cards are crafted to add a touch of desert charm to your festive celebrations.

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Share the warmth of the season with a sharp twist! These Cactus Holiday Cards feature the different ways we experience the holidays in the desert. Titled “Prickly Gifts” and “Cactus Lights,” these cards are crafted to add a touch of desert charm to your festive celebrations.

Printed on high-quality polar matte acid-free paper, these cards boast a luxurious texture that not only enhances the vibrant cactus illustrations but also ensures a lasting impression. The matte finish provides a smooth and velvety feel, making these cards a joy to hold and a pleasure to display.

“Prickly Gifts” showcases the best way to attach gifts to our festive holiday cactus. Meanwhile, “Cactus Lights” features charming illustrations of cacti wrapped in twinkling lights—how most of us in the Sonoran Desert decorate for the winter season.

Each set of 4.5” x 6.25” cards come with bright white A6 envelopes, making it convenient to send warm wishes from the desert to friends and family. Blank interiors let you include your own, unique message.

This set includes:

  1. Prickly Gifts, full color cactus and gifts
  2. Prickly Gifts, b&w cactus and color gifts
  3. Cactus Lights, full color cactus and lights
  4. Cactus Lights, b&w cactus and color lights

Celebrate the holiday season the way we do in the desert and let your sunny wishes shine with the “Prickly Gifts” and “Cactus Lights” cactus holiday cards. It’s time to make your holiday greetings as unique as the joyous season itself!

If you love these, you’ll love the Cactus Card Deck that these were inspired from!

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × .25 in





4 blank interior cards, 4 bright white A6 envelopes


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