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Phoenix Cactus Map 13″x19″


Discover the Phoenix Cactus Map—a beautifully illustrated guide featuring over 40 cactus species in Phoenix, including iconic saguaros and vibrant Opuntias. Perfect for desert enthusiasts, this map includes detailed descriptions, culinary insights, and local highlights from Central Phoenix to its outskirts. Ideal for newcomers and natives alike, explore the Sonoran Desert’s flora with updated names and additions in this hand-signed second edition.

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Explore the vibrant world of cacti in Phoenix with the Phoenix Cactus Map, a meticulously hand-illustrated guide by artist Jen Urso. Discover over 40 unique cactus species across the city. From iconic saguaros towering up to 50 feet tall to the colorful Opuntia with their edible fruit you’ll learn more about the Sonoran Desert. Whether strolling through cactus gardens or spotting them along canals and in unexpected urban corners, each cactus on the map features detailed illustrations and descriptions for easy identification.

Beyond pinpointing featured cacti, this map highlights every notable cactus location Jen could uncover. This map showcases native species like the saguaro, cholla and barrel cacti that thrive in the Sonoran Desert. Learn about their culinary uses and the distinct beauty of each species. Perfect for newcomers and Phoenix natives alike. This map serves as an educational tool and a gateway to discovering your own favorite cactus in the Valley of the Sun.

In addition to cactus hotspots, you’ll find tidbits on Phoenix architecture, coffee spots, and local trivia, making it a comprehensive companion for exploring Central Phoenix. Whether displayed as art or used for desert exploration, this second edition features updated Latin names, corrections, and more than ten new cactus types, ensuring it’s a must-have for anyone fascinated by desert flora.

Hand-signed and printed on Polar Matte 13″x19″ stock, I ship each map in a sturdy cardboard tube to ensure it arrives in pristine condition.

Also available in 22″x28″


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