Anniversary Maps

Client: multiple private clients

There's nothing that makes me have more faith in the idea that love will conquer all than creating an anniversary gift map for a couple. Each one of the maps shared here was a collaboration with my client, figuring out the most iconic and unique moments in the life of the couple. Throughout my communication, we end up digging deep to find moments and occasions that stand out.

A couple's time together is complex and filled with moments that define a relationship. For many of these, I use photos provided by my clients, images I've researched online and sometimes my first-hand experience with a place to generate the illustration. I take the information I receive and run with it! Most often, the response to my first proof is "this is better than I could have imagined!" Sometimes seeing your life put together through the eyes of another can give you the most perspective.

To learn more about my mapping process, check out this blog post.

Since these maps are incredibly personal, I am limited in what I can share here on my website--always respecting the privacy of my clients. The sections you see here have all been approved by my clients and you can rest assured I always ask before sharing anything!

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My clients trust me with wonderful, personal stories that have made me laugh and cry, all to create something special that a couple can treasure.

anniversary map gift example
anniversary map gift example
anniversary map gift example