Bracy Estate Map

Client: Regina Bracy

Commissioned as a holiday gift for her husband, this custom property map encompassed a massive, 2,000-acre property in Louisiana. After acquiring parcels for years and developing a rich, family history, Regina wanted to have me make something special for her husband. Using county parcel maps, tons of photos and research into chanterelle mushrooms, combine harvesters and single-malt scotch, I managed to finish this custom gift map in a short amount of time so they could have it by Christmas. It was so amazing to learn about this part of the country that I was unfamiliar with. And I can only imagine what the "Scotch House" must be like in person!

"I commissioned Jen to draw a map of our property as a gift for my husband. My husband was overwhelmed and speechless when he saw the map and said 'best gift ever'. A map created by Jen is distinctive and individualized. Jen does a LOT of research when drawing a map. She infused our map with personal notes/items that she took from talking with me, viewing photos, and reading numerous emails. My family has pored over this map--amazed how Jen was able to envision and capture the essence, fun, and specialness of our place in a map. This is what makes a custom-drawn map from Jen so distinctive. A CUSTOM MAP FROM STEADY HAND MAPS IS A VERY, VERY SPECIAL GIFT INDEED."

- Regina Bracy


This map was ALL about the rich, personal history of the Bracy's and their experience with their land.


This is one of the very few maps I've done of a non-urban landscape, focusing on natural features and unique aspects of the land.

A custom property map of the Bracy Estate by Jen Urso
map illustration of Eastlake Park
map illustration of Eastlake Park