Eastlake Park Neighborhood Map

Client: Eastlake Arts

Commissioned by Eastlake Arts, this hand-drawn map illustration looks back on a vital Phoenix neighborhood home to some of the most notable Phoenicians. I worked with Eastlake Arts to identify and highlight numerous historic and new locations that celebrate this historically African American neighborhood in Phoenix, AZ. Eastlake emerged as a result of city rules dictating where African Americans could and could not live or build in the city center. The Eastlake Park Neighborhood became a hub for African American doctors, lawyers and educators as well as several vibrant religious institutions, many of which are still thriving today. Notable points include the Swindall Tourist Inn which houses jazz musicians such as Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie, Tanner AME Church, Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church and the home of Phoenix's first African American doctor, Winston C. Hackett.

Unique Points

Sharing historic and other modern, notable points including historic information.

Tourism & Hospitality

This map supports Eastlake Arts efforts to showcase a vibrant and close-knit community.

map illustration of Eastlake Park