Footprint Project Lifecycle Map

Footprint Project

Footprint Project is one of those amazing non-profits not enough people know about. They shared with me that they struggled making their full process transparent to potential sponsors and grant organizations. People knew they were coming to disaster zones to provide portable, solar power with trailers, generators and more. But, they didn’t know the full extent of their amazing work that includes community involvement, training and resilience preparation. After a lot of questions about their work, I created this full-color information map to be used on their website, in presentations and other marketing to clarify their work.

For more about this project, I wrote a whole blog post about the process!


This information map reveals Footprint Project's complex work and big goals.


I love making complex processes and systems be more easily digested. This map does just that.

Footprint Project life cycle map
map illustration of Eastlake Park
Footprint Project life cycle map, detail