Glendale Centennial Map

Client: City of Glendale, AZ

After exhaustive research at the Arizona State Archives I developed this custom map for Glendale, AZ's Centennial celebration. (Oh, how I nerd out on Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps!) I layered aerial maps from intervals over the previous 100 years of the downtown Glendale area. Then, I combined the shapes of every building or street that ever existed in that area, and used it to generate a reverse image. This reverse image showed a new map of where no building or street had ever been.

The City of Glendale passed out these maps during their Centennial celebration. While participants walked around the area, prompts and questions on the map invited them to discover their own, new experience of their city. This custom map/anti-map of sorts gave participants permission to see their city in a new way. It even allowed something that would normally be seen as mundane or flawed, to be part of an individual's own, personal experience of the city. These new perspectives celebrates the individual perception of the organized city grid.


Educates map users of previously-occupied areas in their downtown corridor


Invites map users to chart their own discovery, calling their attention to the subtle and small.

Glendale Centennial Custom Map
Glendale Centennial Custom Map