Harris Point Chicago - Little Italy Map

Client: Harris Point Chicago

Situated between two major university campuses near downtown Chicago, Harris Point Chicago manages over 90 units in gorgeous, historic buildings throughout the Little Italy and Tri Taylor neighborhoods. The architecture of those buildings was really the star of this custom city map so residents could easily identify their home and everything surrounding it. We wanted to focus on walkability and the close proximity these apartments have to Rush University, UIC and the Illinois Medical District. It was also important to indicate easy access to the L's Blue and Pink Lines, the nearby Eisenhower Expressway and necessity shopping like groceries. Because there were three major parks within the neighborhood, I researched native trees that you might find at Arrigo or Garibaldi parks. I called out other iconic buildings to help residents be able to easily orient themselves and feel comfortable in the neighborhood. Believe it or not, I never physically visited the area! All of our work was done thanks to a client willing to provide video walking in the neighborhood, great photo references and other details I wouldn't be able to pick up from my research.

Urban Map

Find your way through Chicago's Little Italy including where to live, eat, shop, catch transit, relax in the park and go to school.

Unique Points

Features historic stone and brick apartment building architecture, iconic university & healthcare buildings and expansive green spaces.

Harris Point Chicago Little Italy Map by Jen Urso
Harris Point Chicago Little Italy Map by Jen Urso
Harris Point Chicago Little Italy Map by Jen Urso