The Map is Accurate

Artwork created by Jen Urso

The Map is Accurate is a series of performed “sketches” tracing the presence of people and objects in a space, emphasizing the boundaries that extend from and around them but aren’t visible. This could be how people tend to walk around or away from someone who is being very loud or someone who is noticeably angry. They tend to create a lot of space around them.

Lines in the drawing represent the spaces people and animals occupied during the moments I was observing them in a public space. After drawing them, I scraped away the outermost, general border. The overlay of vellum shows the general shape of occupation in the space, disregarding any intention of customary architecture. An architecture of space emerges that does not outline the built environment but how people actually respond to it.


This pencil drawing attempts to document how people occupy more than the space that they are in.


Delineating the boundaries we define between one another in public spaces.

Unwelcome Map conceptual map by Jen Urso
Unwelcome Map conceptual map by Jen Urso