Initially commissioned in 2016 by Downtown Phoenix Inc, I created this map to highlight some of the best parts of Downtown Phoenix and its surrounding area. Originally created as an artistic supplement to their more formal map of Downtown Phoenix, the team I worked with soon found that people were using THIS one to find their way around. I remember them telling me how they kept running out of maps in their downtown office! As much as possible, I featured historic buildings, locally-owned restaurants, parks and transportation to help newcomers to discover the city. The constant shifting nature of Phoenix's core means that this map is always evolving.

After years of updates and revisions, this map of Downtown Phoenix is still going strong. It includes color-coded historic neighborhoods, popular tourist attractions, historic highlights and featured businesses. You can find this custom city map of Phoenix at kiosks all over Downtown. Downtown Phoenix Inc. even installed a large version of the map at the Phoenix Civic Center. I still can't quite get used to seeing it when I'm out!

In addition to this fully hand drawn map, I was also asked to create a more formal and simplified walking map. It used hand illustrated elements for highlighted destinations on Downtown Phoenix Inc.'s walking tour. Check it out here!

Unique Points

Focus on tourist destinations in the Downtown Phoenix core, historic Central Phoenix neighborhoods and everything interesting, fun and desert-licious on the perimeter of the core.

Tourism & Hospitality

Downtown Phoenix Inc. serves as the go-to organization to help visitors in the core of the city. They wanted something unique that shared their love of the city's creativity and growing density.