Mini Gift Maps

Client: Multiple individuals

Imagine giving your loved one a unique, personalized gift map commemorating your anniversary, the location where you first met or their first home! These special, little gift maps start with a conversation about some key details and blossom into a special surprise! I'm always digging a little deeper with those who hire me to find out little tidbits of information that can make these maps more personalized and perfect for the receiver. Sometimes, it's mentioning their favorite coffee spot or the reason they love their new home. It's more than just drawing a house (it doesn't even need to be a house)'s making that location come to life on paper.

For these, I provide high-res files for the client to print out at a size they find appropriate or I offer prints on archival paper for an extra fee. Some have chosen to receive the original, created on thin drafting paper.

Addresses have been blurred to protect the privacy of the giftees.

Unique Points

Whether it's a new space for your dog to play or the proximity to your favorite hiking trail, pointing out these spots reminds the recipient of what makes it special.


Each one of these maps is made specifically for the person it's being created for. I make sure to ask lots of questions so we get it right.

Custom anniversary gift map by Jen Urso
Unique, custom gift map by Jen Urso
Custom gift map by Jen Urso
Custom gift map by Jen Urso