Nathan's 40th Birthday Map

Client: Trista Sobeck

I had the rare luck of being hired to create a commemorative birthday map for someone I just happened to be friends with for over 10 years. His fiance gave me a list of locations and events to mention and I added a few of my own (thanks to my good fortune of knowing him). It was so fun being able to celebrate someone's life and look back on the journey to themselves. This was one of those projects where I was like "what, I get paid to do this?" I guess it's true that when your work is doing what you love, it never really feels like work. I even got to be present when Nathan received his birthday map. We were hoping for a very emotional response but he reacted more with awe and reflection.

Nathan really says it best:

"It didn't make me cry, but it almost did."


With a list of meaningful life events, this map illustrates Nathan's journey as something he can reflect on every time he looks at it.

A custom birthday map by Jen Urso
A custom birthday map by Jen Urso
A custom birthday map by Jen Urso