Downtown Phoenix Walking Tour

Client: Downtown Phoenix Inc.

Let's go for a walk! For everyone who thinks that Phoenix isn't walkable, they've never been in Downtown Phoenix. Downtown Phoenix Inc. hired me to create this colorful, simple and clear walking tour map to help newbies to the downtown area find their way. Since this centralized area hosts a lot of visitors from all over, they need to quickly know what's what.

Centered on the Phoenix Civic Plaza which hosts tons of events all year, I incorporated hand-drawn elements from my Greater Downtown Phoenix Map that focused on major tourist points such as the Diamondback's ballpark, Civic Plaza and Downtown Phoenix Inc's headquarters. This map was intended to be an easy-to-follow quick go-to that could be folded, stuffed in a pocket or purse, and carried around during a visitor's stay. The Walking Tour was self-guided and (mostly) shaded so people could even get around when it gets up to 110 degrees!

Take a Walking Tour With the Downtown Phoenix Ambassadors

Quick Sightseeing

An easy, pocket-able map that takes visitors to major highlights in the downtown Phoenix core.

Tourism & Hospitality

Created for the main organization that caters to visitors to downtown, this walking tour map highlights the biggest and best.

Downtown Phoenix Walking Tour Map
Downtown Phoenix Walking Tour Map detail