Roosevelt Row Map

Client: JRC Design

JRC Design contacted me when they needed a large map of Roosevelt Row in Phoenix to be the center of a massive new APS substation. They wanted an artist-made, hand drawn map to feature the arts, local architecture and all the little things that make this vibrant area unique. BUT they also needed it to last for 10 years! As many of you may know, maps need to be frequently updated when businesses open or close and new housing goes up. The dynamic nature of this area made this a huge challenge. So Jamie Cowgill from JRC Design and I figured out a way we could showcase the vitality of the area while allowing it to stand the test of time. By focusing on reliable points of reference and leaving the labeling to a grid system and key, we kept flexibility in the structure. This map now serves as a central point to find your way around Roosevelt Row to local businesses, parks, transportation and the arts.

Unique Points

From historic architecture to new builds, palm-lined streets and streetside free libraries, this map also captures bike routes, plants, trees and more

Tourism & Hospitality

This centrally-located hand drawn map helps tourists and locals find their way around this vibrant area of arts and locally-owned businesses

Roosevelt Row Map at corner of 6th St and Roosevelt, Phoenix
Roosevelt Row Map at corner of 6th St and Roosevelt, Phoenix
Detail of Roosevelt Row hand drawn map