SHMap A Day Maps

Client: self

In late May 2022, I committed myself to create a new hand-drawn map for each day of the week. I created only 5, $30 limited-edition prints available of each, available only for two weeks.
Day 1: Tucson Trip Memory Map - This memory map draws on memory only to retrace a recent trip with my son to Tucson, AZ.
Day 2: Layered Canal Map - This map gives a small glimpse of ancient and modern canals up until 1911 in the Phoenix area layered in color.
Day 3: Uvalde Shooting Thought Map - This thought map of the horrific school shooting in Uvalde plots the complex thoughts that come with such devastating news.
Day 4: Radius From Me Map - I created a map starting with me as the central point, then radiating out. I faced each cardinal direction to draw as far as I could see, plus what I know of that is beyond my visible field.
Day 5: Running While Female Map - This map is an absurd guide to the regular wish-it-wasn’t-so paranoia of running as a woman in the city.
Day 6: Tracking TBN Vehicles Map - My neighborhood streets are largely occupied with vehicles of one lifestyle brand: TBN. I took a week to track all the vehicles that seemed to be associated with them, where they parked and how long they were there.
Day 7: Jen’s Garden Map - This illustrated map showcases the random features of my backyard, summer garden.


This project was about trying out all different kinds of maps: thought maps, memory maps, experiential maps and more.

Limited Edition

For the first year of this project, only 5 prints of each map were made available.