I created this conceptual map as a way to document my experience of walking through Phoenix's government buildings, post 9/11, in a world of heightened vigilance. As I walked through the city, I drew a continuous pencil line, stopping to mark my feelings of being unwelcome, suspicious or feeling suspicious of something else. Many of the areas included No Trespassing and other signs that attempted to restrict public behavior. These signs and the presence of surveillance cameras had the power of changing how people moved in this otherwise public space. This conceptual map is different from others in that it doesn't show you exactly where you are, it only indicates where I had been and what I had experienced in that process. The line became like a line you might see on a traditional map from above, just stretched out.


Using a hand-drawn line as a way of documenting the physical, mental and emotional experience of a walk.


Delineates boundaries of where we are and art not welcome in the public space.

Unwelcome Map conceptual map by Jen Urso