SHMap SHtore

A collection of hand-drawn maps and systems

Maps, maps and more maps. This shop includes mostly limited edition prints of many different forms of hand drawn maps and conceptual maps of systems. It also includes several limited edition printed artworks and original pieces by artist Jen Urso.

If you can't find what you need here and you're looking for an original, custom hand drawn map, I can handle that, too! Find out more about Steady Hand Maps or take a look at my Map Showcase to see the different projects I've worked on.

  • Shifting Behavior 2 – Relief Print 12.75″ x 8.5″ $60
  • Shifting Behavior 1 – Relief Print 12.75″ x 8.5″ $60
  • Running While Female Map $25
  • Prickly Gifts – Holiday Gift Card $6
  • Phoenix Coffee Map $30
  • Phoenix Cactus Map 22″x28″ $60
  • Phoenix Cactus Map 11″x17″ – 1st Edition $25
  • Patterns of Action Zine, Volume 1, Issue 3 $5
  • Maps I Make

    Custom City Maps

    Make your city stand out with a custom city map highlighting the best, the weirdest, the most unique and the most interesting parts about your town.

    Personalized Map Gifts

    A personalized map gift is one of the best ways you can share and revisit those memories together. Personalized custom maps put all the pieces together.

    Conceptual Map Illustration

    A map isn’t always a way to find an address or locate a restaurant. There are so many ways of finding ourselves and figuring out how the world around us is situated.

    What kind of map can I make for you?

    Send me a quick note and let's start the conversation today about your custom map!