Harris Point Chicago – Little Italy Map

Situated between two major university campuses near downtown Chicago, Harris Point Chicago manages over 90 units in gorgeous, historic buildings throughout the Little Italy and Tri Taylor neighborhoods. The architecture of those buildings was really the star of this custom city map so residents could easily identify their home and everything surrounding it. We wanted … Read More

Central Studios Dance Studio Map

I created this colorful custom city map for a dance studio in St. Louis to celebrate its 10-year anniversary and new, 2nd location! I got to learn about the native trees and the history of the Forest Park area. It once housed the incredibly ornate 1904 World’s Fair. The client wanted to show all the … Read More

Roosevelt Row Map

JRC Design contacted me when they needed a large map of Roosevelt Row in Phoenix to be the center of a massive new APS substation. They wanted an artist-made, hand drawn map to feature the arts, local architecture and all the little things that make this vibrant area unique. BUT they also needed it to … Read More

Dust Bowl Migrant Camps & Housing Map

Created for the exhibition “Picturing Home: Dust Bowl Migrants in Chandler”, this wall map defines the numerous auto camps and temporary housing of many who came to the area to work the farms. Using Dorothea Lange photos and historic maps as a reference, this map helps define the nearly invisible past that was quickly built … Read More

Phoenix Cactus Map

Most maps tend to focus on the built environment. The Phoenix Cactus Map focuses on the diversity of the urban Sonoran Desert in Central Phoenix. Over a year, I tracked, plotted, photographed and drew all of my favorite spots to see cactus in the Central Phoenix region. Years of being hired to create urban maps … Read More

Mini Gift Maps

Imagine giving your loved one a unique, personalized gift map commemorating your anniversary, the location where you first met or their first home! These special, little gift maps start with a conversation about some key details and blossom into a special surprise! I’m always digging a little deeper with those who hire me to find … Read More

Eastlake Park Neighborhood Map

Commissioned by Eastlake Arts, this hand-drawn map illustration looks back on a vital Phoenix neighborhood home to some of the most notable Phoenicians. I worked with Eastlake Arts to identify and highlight numerous historic and new locations that celebrate this historically African American neighborhood in Phoenix, AZ. Eastlake emerged as a result of city rules … Read More

Downtown Phoenix Walking Tour

Let’s go for a walk! For everyone who thinks that Phoenix isn’t walkable, they’ve never been in Downtown Phoenix. Downtown Phoenix Inc. hired me to create this colorful, simple and clear walking tour map to help newbies to the downtown area find their way. Since this centralized area hosts a lot of visitors from all … Read More

Glendale Centennial

After exhaustive research at the Arizona State Archives I developed this custom map for Glendale, AZ’s Centennial celebration. (Oh, how I nerd out on Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps!) I layered aerial maps from intervals over the previous 100 years of the downtown Glendale area. Then, I combined the shapes of every building or street that … Read More

Greater Downtown Phoenix Map

Initially commissioned in 2016 by Downtown Phoenix Inc, I created this map to highlight some of the best parts of Downtown Phoenix and its surrounding area. Originally created as an artistic supplement to their more formal map of Downtown Phoenix, the team I worked with soon found that people were using THIS one to find … Read More