Eastlake Park Neighborhood Map

Commissioned by Eastlake Arts, this hand-drawn map illustration looks back on a vital Phoenix neighborhood home to some of the most notable Phoenicians. I worked with Eastlake Arts to identify and highlight numerous historic and new locations that celebrate this historically African American neighborhood in Phoenix, AZ. Eastlake emerged as a result of city rules … Read More

Downtown Phoenix Walking Tour

Let’s go for a walk! For everyone who thinks that Phoenix isn’t walkable, they’ve never been in Downtown Phoenix. Downtown Phoenix Inc. hired me to create this colorful, simple and clear walking tour map to help newbies to the downtown area find their way. Since this centralized area hosts a lot of visitors from all … Read More

Glendale Centennial

After exhaustive research at the Arizona State Archives I developed this custom map for Glendale, AZ’s Centennial celebration. (Oh, how I nerd out on Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps!) I layered aerial maps from intervals over the previous 100 years of the downtown Glendale area. Then, I combined the shapes of every building or street that … Read More

Greater Downtown Phoenix Map

Initially commissioned in 2016 by Downtown Phoenix Inc, I created this map to highlight some of the best parts of Downtown Phoenix and its surrounding area. Originally created as an artistic supplement to their more formal map of Downtown Phoenix, the team I worked with soon found that people were using THIS one to find … Read More

FoundRe Hotel

This hand drawn map has always been one of my favorites! FoundRe Hotel is a downtown Phoenix boutique hotel that celebrates and features local artists and artisan work throughout the hotel. I suggested we use the map to share how the arts extends beyond the hotel into the city, debunking the idea that Phoenix is … Read More