Corner Detail Map: Central & Camelback

Copyright Jen Urso

Sometimes, it seems you can never have enough detail. You can stand on the same corner, day after day, for years, waiting for a bus, and you'll always see something new. That idea is what inspired me to make a series of corner detail maps. I started with a larger intersection from one perspective. Trying to incorporate more than just the architecture in the space, I included gesture line drawings of the horizon, moving elements such as people, birds and trains. I added notes where it seemed important to highlight the movement of something or speculation on what existed in the space.

With every iteration, these detail maps revealed to me how little I know about the space I think I know. It turned out that even as I focused my attention closer and closer, there was always something more I couldn't include due to lack of space. Our curiosity and the complexity that surrounds us is infinite!

Tiny Details

These maps remind us that there's always something more for us to see out there.

Corner Detail Map - SW corner
Corner Detail Map - intersection